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Mission Statement

Super Group Network Alliance has evolved from a traditional referral business networking group to an active philanthropic organization. The Primary Objective is based around the need for every business to give back to the community and serve a charitable purpose. We believe in the concept that the work of One Person or One Business PALES in comparison TO WHAT THE Power of a Focused Group can bring to those in need. We also realize that charitable work can take a toll on a business owner due to the simple fact that there is not enough time in the day. Any business or individual can now participate in worthwhile events which rely on committees to divide and split up specific details. We have found GREATER success in an organization that has a “cause” RATHER THAN SIMPLY increasing the bottom line.

The Secondary Objective of the group is to bring together “Best in Class” professionals to network and exchange business, marketing concepts and management ideas in a casual environment. WE FOCUS ON DEVELOPING BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS THE OLD FASHOINED WAY. WE PREFER TO BREAK BREAD TOGETHER AND GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER IN A CASUAL AND INTIMATE SETTING INSTEAD OF BEING FORCED TO SEND BUSINESS TO PEOPLE YOU HAVE NEVER REALLY MET ON A PERSONAL LEVEL. The members CONSTANTLY work together to assist each other in growing their individual organizations or careers.

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